Text Alerts (Beta Test)


EverythingTab.com is beta testing a text alert system for competitors to have their postings texted them when the tournament makes postings available online.

Please note that this feature is still in development and as a tester you assume all liability for any costs or damages incurred while using the system. Every effort has been made to ensure the system will run smoothly.

We do not want you to receive a text during a round and have your phone go off. It is good practice anyway to turn off your phone completely while in a competition round.

Currently only cell phones with AT&T and Verizon are eligible to test. We hope to add additional wireless carriers in the near future. Standard Text Messaging Rates apply.

To sign up you must know your competitor code. This is to protect privacy.

TO STOP THE TEXTS you must use this page to remove your alert. You can not simply text back to the number sending you the texts.

For debate your text will tell you that postings are available online.

For IES your text will look like:

"Round 1 - 8:00am - Open Persuasive - AA-101 is Speaker 1 in Center 101 - Good Luck!"

This feature is currently available only for the PSCFA Spring Championships tournament being held at Moorpark College Feb 24-26. We hope to roll it out for additional tournaments soon.

Please select the tournament, enter you competitor code (eg, AA-101), enter your cell phone number and carrier, and click save.


If you would like to stop receiving text messages enter your phone number in the box below and you will be removed.